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Baumann Unternehmensberatung

  • Baumann Unternehmensberatun...

    • Burkard Beppler

    • Axel Gottschaldt

    • Rico Haegele

    • Stefan Kreß

    • Fred Ostermeyer

    • Guido Rehme

    • Marco Tjaden

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Baumann Unternehmensberatung


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Direktansprache, Anzeigenkonzeption

Occupational area: Civil engineer , Manufacturing technology, Account management/ sales, Metal trade, Facility management, Assistance, Electrical engineer, electronic technician, Management (foreman, shift foreman among others), Business informatics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, IT project management, Advocacy, Architecture and assembly, Wood processing, Process engineers, Food manufacture and processing, Sales management, Organisation, Administration, Precision mechanics, optics, acoustics, Machine building technician, Other: IT & Telecommunication, Sales, key account, IT quality assurance/ IT quality test, Office of the legal advisor/ legal department, Electricity, sanitary, heating, air conditioning, Cosmetics, hair care, beauty, Industrial engineering, Other: Industry & Production, IT product management, Other: general management.

Sector: Consumer products, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Vehicle manufacturing, Electrical engineering, Wood, furniture, Plastic, rubber, glass, Construction, Wholesale and other trade, Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Energy/ water production and supply , Textile trade, textile production, Print, paper, packaging, Structural/ civil engineering.

Companysize: Group (5001 and more employees), Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees), Large (501 to 5000 employees).

Management-Level: Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.), Head of department/division, Team/project/ management (pers. resp.).