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    • Christoph Ramp

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klassische Personalberatung mit Kontakten in die Bauwirtschaft, Automotive-Branche, Elektro-, Kunststoffindustrie, IT

Occupational area: Purchasing, Project management, Research & Development, Quality manager, Sales, key account.

Sector: Electrical engineering, Household appliances, Measurement/ testing/ control technology, Supplier vehicle manufacturing/ aircraft industry, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Semiconductor industry, Aerospace, Armament industry, Energy/ water production and supply , Heating, air conditioning, sanitation, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Construction, Hardware production (ICT), Medical engineering, Entertainment electronics/ IT, Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Vehicle manufacturing, Structural/ civil engineering, Personnel consulting/executive search.

Companysize: Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees), Group (5001 and more employees).

Management-Level: Head of department/division, Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.).

Salary: 60,000