Company structure

Mercuri Urval

  • Mercuri Urval Germany

    • Mercuri Urval GmbH Wiesbaden

      • Florian Ball

      • Xuyan Feng

      • Dr. Jeannine Hertel

      • Anja Ludwig

      • Julia Rüll

      • Florian Schneemann

      • Doreen Studier

    • Mercuri Urval GmbH Düsseldo...

      • Felix Facius

    • Mercuri Urval GmbH Hamburg

      • Annemarie Fischer

      • Josephine Louzek

  • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

    • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

      • Beat Manser

  • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

    • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

      • Hannah Moltner

  • Mercuri Urval S.r.l. Italia

    • Mercuri Urval S.r.l. Milano

      • Dr. Elena Chiellino

      • Dr. Mario De Luca

      • Dr. Marco Monti

  • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

    • Mercuri Urval Management Be...

      • Tania Bergers

      • Ricky Foo

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Mercuri Urval Germany


Company Description

Suche & Auswahl Menschen steuern Unternehmen. Darum sind wir überzeugt, dass die Devise: "Der richtige Mitarbeiter am richtigen Platzâ€? mehr denn je an Bedeutung gewinnt. Die Beachtung dieser Erkenntnis ist der wichtigste Faktor für den Erfolg eines jeden Unternehmens.

Occupational area: Monetary transactions, Building materials logistics, Sales, key account, Purchasing, CAD construction/ visualisation, Balance sheet accounting/financial accounting, Mechanical engineers, Organisation, Administration, Management consultancy, Corporate business, Industrial engineering, Auditor, Materials/ raw material logistics/ chemical distribution, Field service, Architecture, Electrical engineer, electronic technician, Research and Development, Investment book-keeping, Compliance/ safety, Draftsman / Construction drawing, Head of finance, Head of transport & Logistics, Warehousing/ storekeeping, Actuarial mathematics/ statistics, Other: finance, Other: Transport & Logistics, Sales management, Customer service, Chemical engineers, Stock exchange dealings, Material science, Project management, Investment banking, Other: engineering, Risk management, Freight forwarding, Call-centre/ telesales, Civil engineering, Other: Industry & Production, Assets accounting, Computer engineers, Personnel consulting, Controlling, Process engineers, Consumer business, Parcel delivery services, Account management/ sales, Other: Commerce & Sales, Civil engineer , Analysis/ economic research, Electrical engineers, Business analyst, Quality manager, Process management, Credit analysis, Foodstuff logistics, Fiscal & Financial management, Road, rail, air and sea freight.

Sector: Franchise systems, Construction, Sports, fitness, leisure time, Heating, air conditioning, sanitation, Retail trade, Entertainment electronics/ IT, Plastic, rubber, glass, Media (film, radio, TV), Supplier vehicle manufacturing/ aircraft industry, Architecture, Medical engineering, Software development, Training/further training, coaching, Personnel consulting/executive search, Oil/ natural gas production, Security service, Semiconductor industry, Banks, Environmental technology, waste disposal, recycling, Vehicle construction, aerospace, Real estate , Transport, forwarding, Print, journalism, Plant construction, mechanical engineering, Luxury goods, Hardware production (ICT), Cellular mobile telephony, Travel & Tourism, Print, paper, packaging, Forestry/ agriculture, Social services, Leisure time, entertainment, Building supplier, Technical/ commercial services, Management consultancy, Wood, furniture, Wholesale and other trade, Mining, Food production, foodstuff, luxury article, Advertising, Measurement/ testing/ control technology, Pharmaceutical/ health care products/ cosmetics, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Precision mechanics, optics, watches, Other: B2B services general, Vehicle manufacturing, Household appliances, Financial services, Universities, colleges, educational centres, research, Consumer products, Internet, e-commerce, Temporary work, personnel recruitment, Market research, Electrical engineering, Internet service provider/ hosting, outsourcing, Public sector authorities, Armament industry, Energy/ water production and supply , Healthcare system, care, Structural/ civil engineering, Textile trade, textile production, Marketing, advertising, direct marketing, Hotel, catering, Logistics, Associations & Unions, Engineering, Aerospace, Metal manufacturing/ processing, Public relations, advertising, market research, Chemical industry, Research/ institutes, Other: B2C services general.

Companysize: Group (5001 and more employees), Mid-sized (21 to 500 employees), Large (501 to 5000 employees).

Management-Level: Team/project/ management (pers. resp.), Management (CEO, CFO, ...), Skilled employee/specialists (no pers. resp.), Head of department/division.

Salary: 60,000 - 250,000+